We help you sleep better the night before the event.

Big events mean lots of stress, responsibility, and pressure. Sunday Events is here to help you relieve some of these emotions and bring your vision to reality with much more ease.

Our integrative team of experts, coordinated by Dan Duminică, is focused and ready to overcome any challenge and surpass expectations.

Who we are

Sunday Events is a production company based in Bucharest, Romania. We specialize in organizing big events, such as concerts, festivals, and entertainment shows. 

Our portfolio includes an abundance of clients, including UEFA, Cirque du Soleil, and Aerosmith. 

What we do

We make sure that our clients sleep better before the night of the event. Our 15+ years of experience have taught us how to successfully prioritize, delegate and supervise. This way, thousand-people crews are seamlessly integrated and coordinated. 

Every event offers a palette of different challenges and opportunities. That’s why we choose to gather a multidisciplinary team specifically for each job.

Our network of highly skilled individuals includes experts in every area related to events management: from crew to lights, to sound and booking, etc. 

Our approach


Our core value is integrity. Integrity to be humble in front of big challenges, integrity to admit when you’re wrong, integrity to always try to better yourself. 

That’s why Sunday Events is an organism of its own – one that morphs and changes in order to fulfill every customer’s specific needs. Our small team expands for each project with highly skilled freelance individuals that share our same belief system. It’s your event, your vision, and we’re here, ready to make it happen. 

Our priority is to help clients sleep better the night before the events. We stay on top of things and ensure that every single detail has been handled with the utmost importance and care. Our aim is not to tick a list of tasks, but to make every event truly memorable.